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Lucca Games dates back to 1993, held within Lucca Comics, at the time already the foremost Italian comics convention . Originating from the idea of raising a dedicated point of interest for the gaming world, strongly related to the comics industry in the aspects of customers and contents, straight from the beginning Lucca Games sported activities ranging beyond the mere commercial aspects of a convention, focused on attracting customers for the convention itself as well as for the commercial exhibitors.


Year after year, while still focusing of a market-oriented convention, more and more non-commercial activities have been progressively introduced, such as tournaments, exhibitions and meetings directly patronized by the Lucca Games staff. The original first batch of activities was formed by the Game Mastering Tournament, the Grog Trophy for miniature painting and the Best home-made game contest, alongside as the Best of Show prize for the best commercial game of the year. This original group of contests was at first expanded in 1995, with the addition of Giochi di Ruolo Senza Frontiere, Italian team championship of Role Playing Games, that still continues takes place in Lucca Games under the name of Ruolimpiadi. 1998 has seen the birth of Lucca Games’ Performance Area, a place were the artist guest of the convention exhibits in live painting performance for the attenders. By year 2000 another dedicated area is introduced: independence bay, focused on home-made games realized by enthusiasts, that in these way have an opportunity of being presented at the most numerous audience possible. Two years later, in 2002, New Kit Generation was added, a contest of modelling for kits inspired by game, comics, and generic science-fiction and fantasy settings. With the change of location of 2006, a whole new pavillon is christened: The Citadel, dedicated to Live-Action RPG and costume art. Last addiction are Lucca Games Educational and the prototype review corner, both launched in 2008. The first containing all the workshops and educational-oriented events of the convention, the second allowing amateur game designers to present their prototype to professional game designer and publishers for evaluation.

Since the beginning, Lucca Games has seen up to now a steady increase in exhibition space, visitors attendance and, by consequence, business growth. This led to acquiring a paritary position with Lucca Comics. In 2000, the official name of the Convention held in every tear in Lucca at the end of October was changed to Lucca Comics&Games, formalizing the substantial equity in standing for the two strictly related components of the event.

A significant turning point in the whole Lucca Comics&Games history is represented by year 2006, when the whole convention left the structures of the small civic exhibition centre and transferred inside the old town renaissance walls. A comeback for Lucca Comics, held there form its beginning back in the sixties until the early eighties, but an absolute debut for Lucca Games, located in a giant monobloc tent-structure of 9500 square meters right outside the city walls. Despite the obvious logistic and organizational difficulties of such a change, the choice proved to be the right one, with a significant increment of visitors.

Lucca Games’ more recent editions are every year focused around a central theme, acting as inspiration for most of the convention events. The two last editions, 2008 and 2007, were focused on the Magic: The Gathering anniversary and on the commemorations of Gary Gygax’s death (2008), and on the 30th anniversary of Star Wars Italian premiere.

Every year, Lucca Games hosts a significant number of Italian and international guests, coming form the gaming industry, such as game designers and publishers, but also from related cultural areas, as fantasy and science-fiction art and literature are. With meetings, workshops and exhibitions, Lucca Games guests participate in the effort of creating an all-round cultural convention.



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