The Party


A group of eclectic adventures who just happen to be passing threw the midlands, they have a serious reputation for kicking ass and take NO names.   In no certain order, their members are…

The Fighter (Robert Hatfeild)- The leader of “The Party”, the Fighter is handsome, dashing, arrogant and not be messed with by anyone, especially Orks. He usually is flawless and intuitive about sensing danger…except when The Brothers Barbarian are lurking about…then all bets are off. On the other hand, he’s quite certain no one will notice this because of how handsome he is.
The Dark Elf (Herschel H. Zahnd III)- Think Spock with two swords, he’s prone to raising an eyebrow instead of responding verbally.  Almost nothing surprises or frightens him, though he is regularly confused by the brothers.
The Yellow Mage (Christopher Folan)- Mages are Wizard-in-the-Making, and he is extremely clumsy and prone to saying the wrong word without realizing it.  His eagerness to be on the level of the Old Wizard is a little annoying to the rest of The Party.
The Cleric (Travis Huber)-  Your typical “in the name of ______, I smite thee!” type of adventurer.  True to his god and his party, he comes in pretty handy in a brawl. Lets just hope be dosent notice everyone else in the party is true neutral!