Stinki & Lord Brian

This dastardly pair rule the Orcs, and they are constantly trying to take over the wor… Midlands!!! Are you thinking what we’re thing? I think NOT!!!

Lord Brian (Philip Allgeier) – An imposing, authoritative figure, bent on dominating his corner of the world at any cost. However, he has a soft spot for the finer things in life, and he relies on his trusty friend Stinky to help him forget the troubles of an evil Orc warlord. He’s convinced that the Brothers are idiots, making it even more frustrating to him that they always seem to escape his snares and kill his Orc warriors.

Stinki (Tyler Neal) - Lord Brian’s effeminate trusted advisor and friend. Although he appears unthreatening, something about him makes you wonder if his manner and his “friendship” with Lord Brian are all a ruse. You might even wonder if Stinki is manipulating everyone around him, in Charlie Sheen-like fashion. Nothing is too vile for him to do in order to get what he wants. The only question is, what does Stinki really want?