Nicky & Nacky

Nicky & Nacky (a.k.a the Bone Sisters) are considered the two best thieves in the Midlands by those in the know.  They look like damsels in distress, roaming the countryside and seeking help from any strapping man who wants his gold stolen!

Nicky (Nycole Huber ) – One of two sisters who encounter the brothers on their quest and realize that they can use their feminine charm to get the testosterone-driven boys to do just about anything they want. Nicky is a charmer and the older of the two. Judging from her behavior, you may wonder if Nicky is attracted to Art, or if she’s just a player. Over time, she may come to wonder the same thing.

Nacky (Rebecca Wright) – Nicky’s younger sister, who goes along with her sister’s direction but wonders if using and manipulating the brothers is really worth the time. Where Nicky would smile and charm your money out of your pocket, Nacky would smile only so she could get close enough to stab you. Then she would take your money. Like Nicky, she’s smart, and she knows she’s smarter than most of the people (men) she has to deal with on a daily basis. Nacky will use her charms to get what she wants, but only if she has to.