Gaming Industry Icons Forced to Appear in BB Season 2


Gaming Industry Icons forced to appear in Brothers Barbarian Season 2

 Sept 6, 2012
It looks like Jim Ward and Jolly Blackburn were somehow blackmailed in to appearing in Season 2 of Brothers Barbarian.
When asked about the the new stars appearing in the web series, show veteran Tim Gooch replied “Who in the heck are they?!” while Ken Whitman stood in the corner of the room wringing his hands like a evil mad scientist.
Jolly Blackburn, known for creating the Knights of the Dinner Table Comic, said ” If I don’t appear in Brothers Barbarian AND push this show as the best and funniest fantasy comedy of all time, they said they would break my drawing fingers.”
James M. Ward, godfather of table top role playing gaming, told us “I’m looking forward to appearing in this fine production!” but then whispered for me to “Call 911.” What a funny man that Jim Ward!
Fantasy Artist Larry Elmore welcomed both gentlemen to season 2 with a phone call that began with, ”They sucker you into this also…?” and ended with, “At least it ain’t The Phantom Menace.”
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