Why is Brothers Barbarian free when it obviously cost a pretty penny to make? Where’s the cash coming from?

We plan to pay for Brothers Barbarian with direct fan support, direct DVD sales, digital downloads, and more. We could spend countless dollars and hours fighting what the web does best—making perfect copies of our work—or turn those strengths to our advantage. Then it just depends on the market.

If enough people want to see a second season, they’ll find ways to support us, whether that means becoming a contributor, sharing the film with their friends via BitTorrent, translating it into other languages, or screening the film at regional conventions. By self-distributing, we also guarantee that a much larger percentage of every sale actually goes to pay for the series, rather than lining the pocket of some third party.

So you’re going with fan funding? Aren’t people tired of that by now?

Partially, yes, we are counting on fan funding. Crowdsourcing works incredibly well when you reach critical mass. And we hear you on the “finance my project” exhaustion. That’s why we went ahead and made season 1 before asking for contributions. That way, you get something real to experience from the very beginning, rather than the vague promise that eventually we’ll (maybe) get our project made.

I greatly hope that you guys get the financing to keep this running.

So do we! At this point, it’s all about getting a big enough audience for the show. With 3,000 core fans, we could keep going indefinitely. With 10,000, we could do it with style. Either way, we’d be completely independent of networks and studios.

So when does Brothers Barbarian 2 start, how can I watch it?

The first episode of Season 2 will launch in the Spring of 2012.  We’ll release one episode every two weeks for two months.

I love you, and I want to have your babies with Russ.

Not over PPD’s dead body. (You will get the joke on Episode 5.)